P3 Roxbury

Born out of a unique partnership between My City at Peace and HYM, this development concept will maximize the potential of Parcel 3 and aims to serve the needs and desires of the Roxbury community.

Our team plans to create deeply affordable homeownership and rental opportunities, good-paying jobs with viable long-term career tracks, meaningful equity participation in the development process by people of color and women, and beautifully-designed new spaces to live, work, or play.
Our vision for the site has been carefully crafted to maximize the potential of the parcel while maintaining financial and logistical feasibility. P3 will become an economic and social engine for meaningful progress.

“The HYM Investment Group and its partner are a step closer to building labs and housing on a nearly eight-acre, city-owned Roxbury parcel after reaching an agreement with the Boston Planning and Development Agency that covers rent and more..”